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December Travel in the Dominican Republic

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Dominican Christmas HouseWhat to pack for a Christmas in the Caribbean? What weather can you expect in December? What usually happens at New Year in Dominican Republic resorts? What are the Pros and Cons of a Dominican December vacation?  Rest easy you savvy travelers and put your feet up for a few minutes to read our brief December Travel Article on the Dominican Republic and your questions shall be answered…


December Travel Girl in bikini with snow globeDecember Weather in the Dominican Republic
A collective sigh of relief as December brings forth the end of hurricane season through out the Caribbean and opens a window for travelers looking for some tropical relief on the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic.  You can look forward to average daily temps being in the low to mid 80Fs with night time lows of around 75F.  You’re also not going to get soaked at this time of year, there may be rain once every three days but let’s face it – the rain is warm! So forget the snow shoes and thermals and bring out your sandals and tank tops!

Traveling to the Dominican Republic in December: The Pros
Cost is one of the major pros when considering December travel to the Dominican Republic.  Just bear in mind that early December you are going to find lots of bargains on both hotel rates and airfares just before the Christmas rush, as this is generally a slow time for tourism. Many families look at the collective price of airfare, hotel, food and drink as being a superb and reasonable option as opposed to a traditional home style Christmas and find the savings considerable.  Don’t worry about celebrating Christmas Mass as there are plenty of churches in the Dominican Republic that will have midnight mass going on (ask your local on the ground tour rep when you arrive) and what a great way to meet your fellow countrymen and embrace some Caribbean Christmas Culture! 

Caribbean Christmas WreathTraveling to the Dominican Republic in December: The Cons
Whilst early December is cheap travel time, mid to end of December is not as this coincides with school break, college term ends and so on.  Still look as bargains can be found, if you opt for celebrating New Year back in your home country you will still discover savings.  Do not expect a white Christmas and those of you expecting a traditional home from home type Christmas will also be disappointed.  Shopping is limited in the Dominican Republic, and much of the hype and usual Christmassy expectations will be limited.  Remember that you will see palm trees with Christmas lights and not fir trees etc. 

What to Pack for your December Vacation in the Dominican Republic
Light weight clothing is a good rule of thumb.  Linen, khaki and cotton pants (as they dry easy if you get wet), leave your denim jeans at home. Plenty of shorts, t-shirts and a couple of swim wear options as there is nothing worse than putting on wet swimwear the next day! Sarongs, tank tops. 

Help I'm Melting!For Ladies: Remember the Dominican Republic has a tropical climate, so bring as many light weight tops as you can roll in your case (rolling will save creasing). If you are planning on going to Christmas Mass then you will probably have to have your arms covered when entering the church or cathedral (same as if you are going to Santo Domingo to visit the main Cathedral on the island).  Many of the restaurants in your all inclusive resorts will not allow you to dine in just your bikinis, so bring a cover up for the day time like shorts/t-shirt or a nice sarong.  Capri pants are a good in between option and are cooler than long pants whilst not as offensive to other diners if you shimmy in to eat in your Daisy Duke bum skimming shorts!

For Men: Smart shorts, linen cotton long pants and polo shirts are usually a good option  It can sometimes get a little chilly in the evening especially if you are sat in an air conditioned lobby or having drinks in an air conditioned bar so you might wish to bring a light weight jacket with you. For Christmas and New Year then a shirt with dress pants will usually do the trick.

For everybody including kids: Flip flops, tennis shoes, sunglasses, bug spray, water shoes, dress shoes, water proof jacket. Sun cream, after sun cream, talc powder or Desitin (tropical climate is muggy and clammy and chafing is not pleasant for toddlers or grown ups!), your meds if required and your toiletries for the duration. Bring your baby’s formula/feed.

December Travel Happy Christmas from our hammocks! Christmas & New Year in the Dominican Republic Resorts
Most of the all inclusive resorts will have a Christmas and New Years Eve Gala Dinner in their restaurants.  You may like to dress up for this, it is not expected although you will find that most people do bring an extra special outfit for these 2 nights and really get into the festive spirit. You will usually find a traditional Christmas turkey dinner going on in at least one of the hotel restaurants, so you can go and get your turkey fix with the trimmings!! Great firework displays are usually put on at all of the hotels at New Years Eve with special dinners, ice carvings and cocktails in abundance!

So what are you waiting for? Come on down and celebrate Christmas in the Dominican Republic in style, we’ll be waiting for you!!

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