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Primary education is provided free for all children from the ages 7 to 14, and although this is compulsory it is rarely enforced, especially in the rural areas.  Uniforms are required to attend school and these are not provided by the government, therefore those families that cannot afford to buy them do not send their children to school.  Books, pens, pencils, scribblers, and other necessary supplies are also the responsibility of the families and this too adds to lack of enrolment in the schools.  Over the past years however, many non-profit organizations have established themselves in the Dominican Republic and these have greatly assisted in providing the necessary amenities for underprivileged children to take advantage of the school system.  Private citizens and foreign residents have also started various programs throughout the island to further help the less fortunate families in sending their kids to school.

Two-year intermediate school and a four-year secondary follow primary education, however the system caters more to the middle and upper class and therefore a large majority of Dominicans will not reach this level.  Even at this rate though, over 85% of the population is literate.  There are many private schools and universities in the major urban centers of the country, and most of the upper level wealthy students attend these institutions.  A large majority of these private institutions are supported by the Roman Catholic Church.

Established in 1538, the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo is the oldest university in the Dominican Republic, and was the first university in the New World. Originally named Universad de Santo Thomas Aquinas, it was created by order of  Pope Paul III at the request of the Order of Saint Dominic and was affiliated with the Catholic Church until the beginning of the 19th Century.  Now funded by the government, costs have been kept at a minimum to enable all income levels to attend, as long as the students have been lucky enough to have obtained the prerequisite primary and secondary education.

Statistics provided by UNESCO up to the year 2004 state that just over 80% of girls and boys are enrolled in primary school, with around 50% enrolled in secondary school.

Public and Private Schooling in the Dominican Republic

The first language used when teaching in public schools in theDominican Republic is Spanish whilst in most private schools the primary language is English.  The schools within the private sector are however ususally bilingual and usually made up of children from all over the world.

Tuition fees are different for each private school, and the maximum is around circa US$7,000 per academic year.  The fee per year goes up depending on the age of the child so as a rule, the older the child the higher the school fees will be.  Normally there are additional charges for school uniform, school books and materials as well as lunches etc. There is also an enrollment fee too.

Will their Qualifications be valid once our child leaves the Dominican Republic School System?

Schools NEED to be accredited by the Dominincan Ministry of Education in order for your child to gain a valid entrance to Dominican, European and U.S. universities and your child will be given a certificate by the attending school to validate this. If however, your child is planning to undertake their highter education in the United States then your child should attend a school accredited by the U.S. Southern Association of Colleges and Schools or SACS. Those children interested in further study in Europe should consider a
school where the International Baccaulaureate curriculum is used.

A List of Private and Public Schools in the Dominican Republic

Santiago Christian School
Is the only United States accredited school in Santiago.  Most teacher are from the US and all the classes are taught in English (Pre K through to 12th Grade).  All students however MUST take Spanish as either a second or first language and Dominican students must take Dominican Social Studies or history in Spanish.  The majority of the students are Dominican with around 25% being from the US with no Dominican parent. This is an Evangelical school but the majority of students are Catholic and bible classes are compulsory.

Santa Rosa School
Offers Pre K through to Grade 12.  The school is located close to the sea front or Malecon which is the Spanish word for sea front or promenade. It is one of the oldest and most respected schools in Puerto Plata. It is Spanish speaking however many foreigners attend this school as well.

Escuela de Educacion Especial
This school is located by Parque Luperon near the road called 12 de Julio. It is a school for children with special needs and has a good reputation.

Colegio Hostes
This is a NEW school and offers School children aged 3 through to  Grade 12.  I have looked around this school, the teachers are all English speaking and the school offers alot of modern and clean facilities and equipment. There is even an up to date computer room for older kids. Offering a full curriculum it is not SACS accredited yet. Contact Amy on 1 809 261 2319

The Garden Kids School
Offers pre kindergarten through to Grade 4, children aged 5 - 11 yrs.  For more information go to their website

The International School of Sosua or The ISS
This school is accredited by SACS.  It is located in La Mulata in Sosua and offers Pre K through to Grade 12 with diploma programs from both the United States and Dominican Republic. All teachers are certified in their field and classes are taught in English.  For more information go to their website

The Learning Centre
This is a NEW school and is located near to Costa Azul Golf Club and is not yet SACS accredited.  However it has a great reputation to their dedicated staff and high levels of education offered.

Abraham Lincoln School

This school offers from kindergarten to Grade 12.  It is located at Central Romana Corporation and their telephone number is 1-809-523-3333.

International School of Santo Domingo, for more information please go to their website

The Carol Morgan School
Founded in 1993 has circa 850 students from Pre K through to Grade 12. It is an accredited school by SACS and is sponsored by the US State Department. For more information go to their website

The American School of Santo Domingo
Founded in 1981 and offers a US style of instruction to their students from Pre K to Grade 12.  The school is SACS accredited. For more information go to their website


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