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Some optional fields require a fee. These optional fields have an "Add" check-box to enable that field. Fees will be totaled and payment can be made via credit card or PayPal as soon as your business listing is complete. As soon as payment is confirmed, your business listing will appear automatically in our directory.

1. Contact Info 

Basic Business Information

This email is purely for contact from the Dominican Republic Business Directory and will not be visible to your page visitors. If you would like you visitors to contact you via email, please add your email address to the Optional Extras Email Address section on the next page. There is a nominal charge for this service.


Limited to 100 characters. Please do not add your website URL or email address to your introduction text as these are optional extras and will be removed if added here.

Free Mapping Service

Add your business to our interactive map. Simply click on Get Co-ordinates below and our system will map your business for you. You can also map your business more accurately by clicking on Show Map and zooming into your business position. Either way, it a great way of putting your business on the Dominican Republic map.


2. Optional Extras 

Dominican Republic Business Directory Optional Extras

In order to get the full benefit from our Dominican Republic Business Directory you can enhance your business listing with our optional extras. We offer the following at a cost to meet every budget:

  • Add your website URL - $25.00 per year
  • This gives you a direct link from our directory to your website.
  • Add your business email - $25.00 per year
  • This allows potential customers to contact you directly.
  • Add an enhanced description - $50.00 per year
  • The free into text is limited to 100 characters. With our enhanced description you get up to 2000 characters giving you the opportunity to really describe and sell your business to potential customers. As part of the charge we will also optimise your enhanced text to ensure maximum producivity with the major search engines.

Simply click on the check box to add your optional extras and you will be prompted to pay at the end of the form.

This option is not free. The price is: 10,00 USD

This option is not free. The price is: 10,00 USD

This option is not free. The price is: 25,00 USD
It is easier to write your text in either Word or Notepad and then cut and paste it into the description box below. Please ensure that you do not exceed 2000 characters.

3. Meta Data  

Meta Keywords and Meta Description
This is probably the most important part of your business listing, so please ensure that this is completed in full.

  • Your Meta-Descriptions
  • are extremely important as it is mainly used by the major search engines to position your page. This text appears under your link in the major search engines and should accurately describe your business in around 10 - 15 words.
  • Meta-Keywords
  • are words that describe your business and that customers will use to search for your business online. For example, if you are a bar in Punta Cana, your keywords would be: punta cana bars,bars in punta cana etc. Please note that your keywords are all in lower case, are seperated by a commas and there can be more than 1 word between the commas.

4. Logo 

Company Logo

You may upload your Company Logo image for your entry and there is no charge for this addition. Your Company Logo image (224 pixels x 224 pixels) will be displayed on your full Business listing page. To upload, click on the "Choose File" button below and select your logo for upload from your pc.

Note: uploaded images larger than the above dimensions will be automatically resized.




5. Select Category  

Category Selection

Please see below a list of the available categories for your business. These are sorted by Town / City with sub-categories of business types. You can add your business to one category at no cost and each subsequent category has a charge of only $30 per year. It is important that your business in added to the correct category so your customers and the search engines find you easily.

If you feel that none of the categories shown are correct for your business, simply add your preferred category in the Suggest A Category box below. One of our team will check the suitability of the new category and add it to our directory. You must also place your business listing in the "Suggest A Category" category below. Out team will move your business listing to the new category automatically.


Please Select a Category

You can add this entry in up to 3 categories

  • First category is for free
  • Category 2 is not free. It costs: 10,00 USD
  • Category 3 is not free. It costs: 10,00 USD

Category Description:


6. Gallery

Additional Images and Photos
You can enhance your business listing page even further with a series of images or photos that promote your business (please see an example by clicking Demuth Photography).

(This will open in a new tab. To return to this form simply close the new tab).

You can upload ONE image or photo for no charge and all additional images or photos, up to a maximum total of SIX, are only $20.00 EACH PER YEAR.

To upload an image or photo, click on the Browse button and select your image for upload. Click on Upload to transfer the image to our server. To add an additional image, simply scroll down and click on Browse and then upload. Repeat this for a maximum of 6 images.

Note: Gallery images will be reviewed before your entry is published. To begin, click on the "Choose File" button below an select your image from your pc. As soon as one image is selected another "Choose File" butoon will appear, up to a total of 12 images (including your one free image). To delete any image from the list, simply click on the red square at the top of each image.

You are now done with entering tabs 1-6. Continue below.   

Complete all tabs (1-6) and then click Send.

If you have selected any fields requiring a fee, you will then be presented with payment options once you have completed all tabs. We accept all major credit cards, securely, via PayPal.
After payment is received your Dominican Republic Busines listing will be published by our team. Thank you!



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